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  1. Rebecca and Jade are at a clinic specialising in teenage pregnancy. One of them is pregnant; the other has come to give support. Do you know any teenage girls who are pregnant, or think they could be? What advice would you give if you were asked? What could you do to support a pregnant teenage friend?
  2. Jade has devised a plan for her life. Is this a good idea? Why or why not? Do you think Jade’s life plan might partly be a result of her own insecurity, or do you think we should all have one?
  3. Jade and Rebecca are complete opposites, yet they have become close friends. Do you have friends whose attitudes, ideas, personalities and backgrounds are very different from yours? Does this help or hinder the friendship?
  4. Rebecca was surprised when hers and Adam’s first date was at a church youth club. Are youth clubs a good idea? Do you know of, or attend, any in your area? Do you think the church should do more to help young people? In what ways?
  5. Rebecca watches a film about life before birth, and her whole idea about pregnancy and choices; i.e. termination, changes dramatically. What causes the change? What are your own ideas about an unborn baby? At what point do you think the ‘mass of cells’ becomes a human person?
  6. Rebecca and Adam are in love, and finding it difficult to put limits on their relationship. Do you think it is OK to have sex before marriage? People sometimes say it’s OK, “if no-one is being hurt” – do you think that’s a fair statement? Why or why not? Do you think God is interested in our relationships?
  7. Jade was taken advantage of by an older man who deceived her about his intentions. Charm can be deceptive, but it’s not always easy to see it at the time. Have you or has anyone who know, been deceived, exploited or abused by an older man or woman? What can we do as a society to protect vulnerable girls and lads from abusive people?
  8. Jade is prepared to sacrifice her own privacy for the sake of Rebecca’s reputation, even though she knows there will be repercussions for herself. What do you think this says about their friendship?
  9. Rebecca and Adam both come to faith in God through Jesus Christ. Do you think having a faith is important? Do you think all faiths have equal value? What do you think about Jesus’ statement that he is the way, the truth and the life, and that no-one comes to the father except through him? (John 14.6)
  10. Does it matter if, like Adam, we have doubts about God, about Jesus, about the Bible? Do we have to get rid of all our doubts before we can come to faith? Why is it important to have someone with whom we can talk things through, maybe someone older? Is it important to meet with other Christians?
  11. Both Rebecca and Jade come to realise that the birth of a baby is one of the most awesome things in the world. The Bible says that every new baby is designed and created by God, and is precious in his sight – each one with individual and unique talents and of great value. What do you think of that idea?
  12. Do you think Jade made the right choice to keep the baby? What difficulties do you think she will face, bringing up a child on her own? What issues might the child have? How do you think the adoptive parents would have felt? If you had written this book, how would you have finished the story?

If you would like to speak to someone about any of the issues brought up in this book, please contact the author through the contact form on the Dernier Publishing website, or seek help from an adult you trust, who can put you in touch with someone to talk to.

You can also contact Pregnancy Matters direct by phone, message or text, by following this link.

Rebecca & Jade: Choices, Discussion Questions
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