We are counting and packing up books for World Book Day today, to be distributed to Christian bookshops in the UK.

The cover of Mystery in the Snow is looking a bit dated, but it’s still a fun story – you will be able to get as many copies as you like on World Book Day from Christian bookshops for £1! I believe that will be Thursday 5th March. 🙂

Make the most of this great offer – and if you don’t think your kids will like the cover because it’s old-fashioned, read it to them instead!

There’s lots in this story for you to talk about (there are ten discussion questions you can download on the website here) from a Christian point of view, to help you share your faith with your children, and encourage them in their faith.

You will be encouraged, too! Don’t miss any opportunity to read Christian books with your children. It is through stories we make sense of the world!

Getting Ready for World Book Day!
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