Dernier Publishing is delighted to be part of the #readtolead project with Education Bridge Africa. Education is a way out of poverty for many children… and they are desperate for books to read.

A while ago we sent several boxes books for children in need in Kenya. Some have reached the Joy Town School for children living with disabilities in Thika. (You may have heard about Thika, and its famous flame trees!)

Children with disabilities reading books from Dernier Publishing

These children were so delighted to receive books to read!

If you would like to be part of this amazing ministry, sending Christian books to children in need, please find the DONATE button and give whatever you wish via PayPal. This is how it works: you buy the books at a discount, and we will pay for and organise the shipping, to Education Bridge Africa.

You can find the DONATE button here.

Why do we send books to schools in Kenya? Some schools are well resourced, but some are desperate for reading material for children. We work with Education Bridge Africa and their #readtolead project, which aims to make sure the most disadvantaged children have access to story books. Christian books are especially well received, as there is a strong Christian culture in Kenya. We work with Dr Loise Gichuhi from the University of Nairobi.

Please help this project! We would love to send more books, and need your financial help but if you can’t help right now, please pray that the books will be well used and loved, and will touch many hearts and lives.

Thank you!

Children in Thika
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