Prayer is an enormous privilege, and a huge responsibility – here’s a resource to help your young people to pray!

Millions of Christians worldwide suffer persecution for their belief in Jesus Christ. As well as our help, they need our prayers.

Praying for Persecuted Christians

‘Praying for Persecuted Christians’ offers 30 carefully chosen, biblical prayer pointers suitable for family, group, or private prayers, with useful scripture references.

Originally designed for teens, they have become a trusted prayer guide for adults, too!

Our heavenly Father is pleased to answer our requests – he is just waiting for us to ask. If we are obedient, we really can make a difference – an eternal difference, to thousands, maybe millions of people.

What a breathtaking privilege… and an awesome responsibility.

Buy copies for yourself, your church, your youth club. FREE shipping to UK addresses (please contact us for overseas orders).

Praying for Persecuted Christians
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