We are absolutely delighted to let you know that our first audio book is now for sale on Audible and iTunes! So now, if your child doesn’t love reading, or you want to listen together on a journey, you can still enjoy this story!

This is a great book to bring up themes of justice and mercy, judgement and forgiveness. The Bible teaches us we need to talk to our children about the Lord in our everyday lives – when we sit and walk, and wherever we go. Now you can listen to this book in your home or car, and join in with the discussion questions afterwards!

audio cover Revenge of the Flying Carpet

Here’s a bit about the book: Paul hates his sister – she has been awful to him ever since he can remember, and when he finds a flying carpet in his gran’s loft he seeks revenge… but gets a lot more than he bargained for. Justice, judgement, forgiveness, mercy… Paul sees them all as he and Trinity travel through time and space. But then comes something completely unexpected… You can find the book here.

First Audio Book for Sale!
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