Did you know we have Discussion Questions for some of our books? You can find the questions here. They could be useful if you run a book group, want to discuss the book with your children, or use the group for as a class reader. To give you an idea, here are the questions for Deepest Darkness (for 8-11s-ish):

1. Everyone is afraid of something. Do you have the same kinds of fears as Abi, or are yours different? Abi’s anxieties are all-consuming and affect what she is able to do. Are your fears like that?

2. Abi’s family is supportive of her fears, but other people don’t understand. Do people understand how you feel?

3. Abi felt safe in the cabin. Do you have a safe place, a place where you can be yourself, and relax?

4. What things do you miss out on (if any) because of your fears? Do you want to be able to overcome your anxiety, or are you happy the way you are?

5. Abi’s dad is very different to Abi. He likes challenges, whereas she doesn’t. What are the differences between you and your family and friends?

6. Nic only takes Abi one step at a time with her fears. She wouldn’t have been able to walk in the forest at night if she hadn’t first slept without a light at night, then walked in the forest during the daytime. Is there anything in your life you would like to change, if you could do it a little at a time?

7. Abi and her family have never thought about God before. Do you think God cares about us, and answers our prayers, even if we don’t really know what to do or say?

8. Abi’s family didn’t know much about praying, but they were willing to give it a try. Would you be willing to pray for someone else who needs to see light in their situation, like Abi’s dad needed to see the light in the forest?

9. Nic talks about Jesus being the true light that shines in the darkness. What do you think of that idea? Do you think you could carry the light of Jesus with you in your life? If you did, could that help you do something you couldn’t do before?

Deepest Darkness

10. Did Abi’s story inspire you? In what ways?

We hope these questions will help you engage with your children, and help to build them up in their walk with God. Let us know in the comments below if you use them, or if you have any further ideas for questions!

Discussion Questions
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