You never know where our books are going to go next… this time it’s Nigeria!

I was both delighted and honoured to meet Archbishop Ben Kwashi from Jos (Plateau State) yesterday evening. Archbishop Ben and his amazing wife, Gloria, have 51 children currently living with them. (Yes, that is 51; it’s not a typo!) Most of these children have lost both their parents due to the violence you will have read about in the news.

I asked the Archbishop if he would like some Christian children’s books to take back with him, and he was so enthusiastic! (We had previously sent some samples via a visiting friend.) So we are sending a box of books back with him for the children, for Christmas.

What a privilege.

Archbishop Ben Kwashi

Please pray for the children (many who have lived through traumas we can barely imagine), that as they read the stories, they will find hope and healing in Jesus.

If you would like to give a gift of a book/s, please find the DONATE button on the menu, and we will make sure your gift reaches a child in need. If you would particularly like your book/s to go to Nigeria, please add your request at checkout, and we will make sure your gift reaches these precious children. The Archbishop also runs about 100 schools all over Jos and in the outlying villages, so books are highly valued!

Thank you – standing united together in the body of Christ is a very precious thing. 🙂


Janet Wilson, Director of Dernier Publishing

Violence in Nigeria
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