Sorry it’s a very late newsletter! Just a few quick bit of news to keep you up to speed with all that’s new . . .

sparrowsOver the last few weeks I’ve loved watching the new sparrow babies running round after their parents. They are so cute! The sparrows in my garden are also a constant reminder of God’s love and care for us. As I was breaking up an old crust of bread for them the other day, a thought came to me – God cares for the sparrows, and he is using me. It was quite an awesome thought! In the same way, our books are being used by our Heavenly Father to feed his children. That’s truly staggering, because if we don’t, what will happen? We can’t tell – perhaps the birds in my garden would be fine without my seed and stale ends of loaves, and perhaps our children would be fine without Dernier books . . . but what if they’re not? What if we could have saved a life?

Groosham Grange – Horror For Kids
bookHave you read Groosham Grange by Anthony Horowitz? It’s not a new book, but by a popular author. I read it over the weekend, and found it disturbing – it’s about a boy called David who goes to a strange school and wants to get away at first because the teachers are dead, the pupils all wear black rings and vanish at night. There’s mild horror involved; it’s not a book for sensitive children. At the end, David finds running away isn’t going to work and joins the rest of the pupils and teachers in their magic, because he is the seventh son of a seventh son, so he ‘has no choice’. It’s purely fiction, of course, and is written in a light-hearted way – still, it makes me more determined than ever to get our books into as many children’s hands as possible. How much better for children to read about God’s love and truth in a fun story? While I’m here, many thanks to all the Christian bookshops who stock our books and recommend them to customers. Sorry I haven’t made it to a bookshop this month, but you can find your nearest one here.

Do You Have a Child Leaving Primary School?
If you have a child leaving Primary School at the end of term, how about buying a pack of Christian books for the school library, or your child’s classroom, as a leaving present? We have a pack of 14 books with 10% off the R.R.P. on our website. If you can’t afford this, what about clubbing together with other Christian parents? Books in a library have the potential to touch many young lives.
P.S. You can of course also order all our books from Christian bookshops. Follow the link above to find one near you.

Ditto for Sunday School Gifts
I know these have gone out of fashion in many churches, but what a wasted opportunity! If you are in a position to change things – do! If you would like any help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Beech Bank GirlsQuick Thought
Do you have refugee children in your neighbourhood, school or church? This fab book for girls includes a Christian response to newcomers – the Beech Bank Girls (Making a Difference) find out that they can all make a difference to a Romanian girl who joins their class. Definitely worth the £5.99 price tag! Teachers, this would be a great book to have on your bookshelves.

Are Children Still Reading?
Girl reading Beech Bank GirlsOne of the biggest reasons people tell me they don’t buy our books is that they don’t think children are reading. Some don’t unless they absolutely have to! However, according to a recent report (summer 2015), 34% of children aged 6–17 read books for fun 5–7 days a week and 58% read books for fun, but less frequently. That’s a lot of children, and a lot of books – plus the stats don’t cover the children who are read to by parents or grandparents. And there’s another thing: we have had reports of children reading our books who don’t usually read – we can only put this down to the Holy Spirit at work! So if you were thinking about buying a book for a child and shrugging it off with the thought, well, they might not read it and it would be a waste of money, you could be right. But you could be wrong! Why not just go for it? It might not even be read now, but if it’s on the shelf it might get read when the child is ill, or bored . . . or a sibling might read it in years to come . . . the possibilities are endless!

I’ve Run Out of Room!
Just quickly – The City Kid will be with us soon – please pray for the printing process!
Love and thanks to you all for your support,


A Very Late Newsletter, May 2016
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